How much does a good 3PL cost?

  • “How much does a good 3PL cost?”

    The answer to this question is very much about what you perceive as value.

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    The simple fact is that excellent quality and customer service comes at a price.  For a business such as Masters Logistical who consistently operate an extremely high-quality service, there is cost to our business.

    If a client wants to enjoy the benefits of an excellent 3PL service, the law of economics dictates that the price will reflect that.

    So it’s a balancing act.  Providing the high level of service our clients expect, at a price they are prepared to pay.  This is the sweet spot we are aiming for: value.

    What to expect from the best 3PL providers

    Everyone perceives value differently, but here at Masters, these are the things we have learnt that our customers require, and this is what we deliver:

    • Reliability – We always do what they say they will do
    • Quality – Items are treated with care during storage, transportation and delivery
    • Proactivity – Planning ahead, problem-solving
    • Reporting – Transparency and knowledge, keeping the client up to date
    • Friendliness – We are nice people to work with. A smile goes a long way.

    This then brings us to price.  Our customers expect to pay a little more because they know they can trust us.  They know their deliveries will arrive safely and on time, or if circumstances dictate otherwise, we will find a solution.  We honour our promises.

    Masters Logistical is a high-quality, customer-driven business.  We are not a cheap provider. But price isn’t what we should be discussing.  Our focus is on providing value for our clients. We build long-standing relationships at a price that represents excellent value for money because when you ask Masters to do something, you can be assured it will get done and not only that, it will be done with a smile.

    Please have a read of our case study about our customer Mr Fothergill’s Seeds which is a great example of how paying a little bit more for your 3PL provider saves you time, money and heartache in the long run.

    If you’d like to know more about how Masters Logistical can help you deliver on your promises, please call 01353 648 222.

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