A Celebration of Collaboration

  • A Celebration of Collaboration

    What does collaboration mean to you?  The dictionary definition is “ the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing.”  For me


    it is about relationships, connections, trust, shared principles, co-operation  . . a common goal.

    During lockdown, I feel that amongst all the awfulness, one particular thing has shone bright amidst the gloom: people.  The human spirit.  People coming together to help each other.

    We have learnt that relationships are more important than ever.

    It is a really interesting dichotomy if you look at it.  What has forced us apart, has in some cases, brought us closer together.  Not physically, but emotionally.

    We have all been fighting against the hidden unseen enemy of the virus.  We have all had to stay at home – except the key and front line workers who we have all been incredibly grateful for (and our own drivers, warehouse team and office personnel are included).  We have clapped, drawn rainbows and written thank you notes to delivery drivers and put them up in our windows.

    If we are honest, had we ever really given much thought to these people before?  Now they have been placed at the forefront of our minds – exactly where they should always have been (not the overpaid premiership footballers or the A-list actors who were amongst the first to have their jobs cancelled . . . because let’s face it – they are not important to our survival).  Having said that, they are an important part of our culture, and I for one can’t wait for live sport and theatre to return.

    However, deep down, we will always know that when the going gets tough – it’s the people on the front line who count.  They are the ones we can rely on.

    It’s the people in our community who collaborate and come together to help each other, make masks, deliver shopping or collect prescriptions for each other that has enabled us to get through this.

    Some big businesses have collaborated too – many turning their attention to developing respirators instead of their usual products, restaurants have cooked meals for those self-isolating or in desperate need – funded by donations from their customers.

    Good will.  Good deeds.  Beautiful gestures.

    What has driven us apart, has brought us closer together.  Although our thoughts are of course, with all those who have lost loved ones.

    Let’s learn from this and ensure these lessons are not forgotten, as we move forward to the ‘new reality’.

    Here are my six key learnings, what are yours?

    Be kind

    Be thoughtful

    Be helpful

    Be aware

    Be proactive

    Be grateful

    Understand what we have truly missed.

    People really are the most important thing in business and people can achieve extraordinary things through collaboration.


    Here at Masters we like to see ourselves as a part of our customers’ team.  Your team.  We want to collaborate with you. Grow with you. Solve problems with you. Become part of our collaboration.

    If you would like to collaborate with us, please speak to Mervyn Jeffery on 01353 648 222 or contact us here.

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