Lockdown easing continuum: where do you sit?

  • It’s the end of July 2020 and the world is a changed place.  Lockdown has eased considerably, face masks have just become mandatory . . . in some places . . . 

    lockdownQuarantine restrictions have just been reinstated on people returning from Spain; and we all have to continue to wash our hands and maintain social distancing.   

    There are those who aren’t sure whether to celebrate the easing of lockdown and the opening of the restaurants, or fear it.  I’m a naturally optimistic person and a huge believer in supporting the economy and my local community, so I am trying to celebrate it.  I have eaten out at a restaurant.  . . I almost feel like it’s my duty to do so, but I know people who haven’t . . yet.  I respect their choice.  These are difficult times. 

    When I speak to others and look around, I see that there is quite a continuum of emotions about the easing of lockdown.  Some people are wholly embracing the ability to go out again, frequenting the pubs, meeting their friends, happily wearing their face mask on the bus and taking it off when they get to the pub, with seemingly little concern for the contradiction in that act. 

    They are simply accepting the situation, following the guidelines and enjoying life.  Good for them. 

     At the other end of the spectrum are people who are still afraid to go out at all.  They are relying on having their groceries delivered to their door and daren’t go out, even to the chemist.  

     Then there is a middle ground.  People who have found comfort in the solace of being at home, but are tentatively venturing out.  They are striving to get back to normal, to go back to work, to go shopping and out for dinner.  They, as I do, want to help the economy and support local businesses, whilst using common sense and being respectful and kind to those who are still not so comfortable with the world opening up again.  

     Have you been working from home?  Have you gone back? Did you want to, or are you still working from home and accomplishing just as much, if not more, from there?  I certainly think home working is here to stay for many people, although I am really enjoying being back in the office with the team – now I know how efficient it is working from home, a mixture of the two will create a wonderful work-life balance.  How many other people feel like that?  

    And then there is foreign holidays.  Now there’s a can of worms.  Fraught with risk.  And not just the risk that you might catch the Virus – but the risk that whilst you are there you the town you are in might get put in lock-down . .or you might find that the rules change, as they have for Spain, and although it was on the ‘air bridge’ when you left, you will now have to quarantine at home for 14 days when you get back.  As I say, a can of worms.  Not sure I can open that one.   

    For me, I think it is about getting on with life, but taking the necessary precautions.  We need to do all we can to minimise the potential second wave later in the year, but we need to balance this with our mental wellbeing and the economy.  The two are intricately linked.  We need confidence to return: mentally and financially, so I believe we need to venture out. 

    Never before did I think going out for a nice steak would feel like such a grand gesture 

    I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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