Supply Chain Disruption – are you prepared?

  • No matter how tight a ship you run, it’s highly unlikely that you are completely safe from a supply chain disruption.

    Masters Lorry

    Smarter logistics is strategic. Having a plan in place for when things don’t quite go as planned isn’t optional in a fast-moving world like logistics, it’s essential. So how does your business cope when there’s a hiccup in your supply chain? Are you reactive or proactive?

    Common supply chain disruptions:

    Staff shortages – Too many of your drivers have called in sick and you no longer have enough manpower to cover your transport needs…

    Reactive response: Once the problem has arisen you source a reputable 3PL company who specialise in offering flexible, fast solutions to your transport needs.
    Proactive response: You have an existing partnership in place with a reliable, efficient 3PL with highly trained, customer focused drivers who not only meet your company’s expectations, they exceed them.

    Vehicle breakdowns – One of your drivers has broken down and their vehicle is going to be out of action for the foreseeable future. You have goods that need delivering today…

    Reactive response: You source a 3PL company who supplies a top of the range vehicle (and driver!) They get your goods where they need to be the very same day and pick up the slack until your vehicle is back on the road.
    Proactive response: You call on your regular 3PL partner, who step up as always. They quickly get your goods moving again, and your future deliveries back on track.

    Increase in sales – You’ve had a sudden and unexpected increase in demand. Your logistics team needs to temporarily grow to meet demand…

    Reactive response: A busy warehouse and demand for additional drivers sparks a search for a flexible 3PL who can take the stress away during your busy period. Their flexible transport solutions mean they can meet your demand as and when needed, so your in-house operations continue to run smoothly.
    Proactive response: You call upon your longstanding partner in logistics, they understand the needs of your business so they quickly find a solution that works for you. You and your team can focus on the benefits of your boom in business whilst your 3PL ensures your transport needs are looked after.

    Adverse weather conditions – Bad weather is slowing down your deliveries and you need a helping hand to meet your deadlines…

    Reactive response: You set out to find a credible 3PL company with a technologically advanced fleet of vehicles. A great 3PL would be transparent and traceable, you’ll know your goods are going to get where they need to be and exactly where they are each step of the journey – ensuring your high-quality distribution services are realised.
    Proactive response: A quick call solves all of your logistical worries. Come rain, shine or snow your reliable and professional 3PL partnership means you always have the additional staff, fleet and importantly time, to ensure your deliveries get where they need to be. On time, every time.

    Do you act reactively or proactively?
    Either way we cater for both. For a fast reaction or a strategic partnership, get in touch with Masters today 01353 648 222 or email [email protected]

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