Customer service in the logistics industry

  • Did you know that in 2016 Christmas shoppers spent an average of 2.5 hours online sorting delivery problems?

    At Masters, we’ve noticed that Customer Service in the logistics industry seems to be closer than ever to becoming exclusively online, but we’re not convinced that always works. For a consumer, that means chasing their Christmas deliveries online for up to 2 and a half hours without any real human interaction. For the retailer that means finding out via an online tracking system that their delivery of stock won’t arrive today; maybe it’ll arrive tomorrow, unless it’s damaged, the tracker wasn’t clear and there was no one to speak to… but tomorrow will be a day too late. Their customers have already bought what they needed from a competitor (who’s delivery arrived on time).

    But how much time does that mean for you?

    If you work in logistics, it means chasing a multitude of different people, through different networks, across different companies. If deliveries aren’t arriving on time, in one piece or are damaged, they are going to be returned to you. With such a short window for those amazing high sales volumes, can you afford for these mistakes to happen? Are you as connected with your logistics network as you should be?

    The average supply chain:
    Manufacturer > Wholesaler > Retailer > Customer
    Each arrow above represents your goods in transit. At any point during their journey your goods need to be accounted for.

    You should be able to know instantly:

    1. Exactly where your goods are in the country
    2. The estimated time of arrival (ETA)
    3. That your goods are in the exact same condition they left you in.

    The key to success is great communication. Behind every successful digital experience is a team of hard-working people, dedicated to delivering excellent customer service. You see, fancy websites, super speedy delivery promises and amazingly designed packaging just won’t cut it unless your product gets where it needs to be, when it needs to get there, in one piece, as promised. It’s all about synergy.

    Synergistic relationships

    At Masters, we pride ourselves on the relationships we hold with our customers. We value our people and we understand that human interactions are just as important as digital ones. We believe in reliability, we believe in transparency and we believe in going the extra mile. We believe that sometimes a phone call and a straight answer gets the job done quicker, with a better outcome than a million track and trace systems.

    Don’t get us wrong, we value technology. We use the latest digital tech to enhance our customer experience, in fact when your goods travel with us, they are scanned over 9 times and photographed too. Our modern fleet of vehicles are all equipped with tracking devices that are designed to keep you informed, every step of the journey. We go the extra mile to ensure you have peace of mind.

    But they do not replace or substitute our great customer service; we are always available on the end of a telephone. In fact, if all of our technology failed tomorrow, we’d be confident that we’d be able to provide the same excellent level of service; person to person communication is one of Masters’ greatest strengths.

    There are plenty of things you need and want to do at this time of year – but chasing deliveries shouldn’t be one of them. Call Masters today 01353 648 222. Let us take care of your logistics needs.

    Masters Logistical. Delivering smiles this Christmas.

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