Why relationships matter for a successful supply chain

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    Here at Masters, we know that relationships drive businesses and they also play a central role in the success of your supply chain.

    If you don’t get them right, you’ll feel the ramifications all the way… from suppliers to customers.

    A relationship starts from the very first point of contact, whether that is face to face, over the phone or online.  People are more likely to buy from people. Therefore, for a business to prosper the foundations of a relationship should be firmly grounded – as the relationship grows, loyalty will grow with it.

    Throughout your supply chain, there will be many elements that need proper management including warehousing and distribution, inventory control and supply chain integration, but unfortunately, communication throughout these stages can get a little muddled if you don’t pay attention to detail and keep in touch clearly and regularly.

    If an error occurs, for example a pallet was missing, who does the customer contact? The warehouse, the driver, the supplier? How will you regain customer trust if an error does occur?

    That’s why it is essential, if you use a 3PL organisation, that both you and your customers, have a great relationship with them.

    By ensuring that positive and productive relationships are at the centre of supply chain management, you can create:

    • High quality customer service
    • Visibility of customer demands and supplier performance
    • Efficient and quick decision-making
    • Improvements in supply chain resilience

    As Masters have grown over the years, we have always made sure we keep a close relationship with our customers – large or small. We believe loyalty is gained through consistent trust, and we make it our mission to maintain and grow those interdependent customer relationships with both long standing and new customers, and ensure their customers are effectively and efficiently looked after.

    Masters have many examples of how we create great relationships with our customers…here is just one of them:

    “We have used Masters Logistical’s services for several years and during that time we have come to see them as a core, operational part of our business. Masters are professional, responsive and flexible in every aspect of their delivery. It’s a true partnership that yields dividends for both parties. For us, it means avoiding the investment and management of additional logistics infrastructure, which in turn allows us to remain focused on our core business. I would highly recommend Masters Logistical as a truly flexible and dependable logistics partner.”

    Andrew Newby, KWS

    Are you looking for a 3PL provider that can add value to your business, make improvements to the efficiency of your supply chain and act as your trusted logistics partner? Then please contact Masters today.

    Simply call 01353 648 222 to discuss your distribution and warehousing needs with a member of our team.

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