Logistics trends to watch for in 2020

  • logistics trendsIn this blog, we going to explore the logistics trends that you need to watch out for in 2020.

    Technology is continually evolving in the logistics business, as is the intense pressure to deliver solutions in a heartbeat. With the boom of e-commerce, came new levels of demand for lightning-quick parcel deliveries, with zero tolerance for mistakes.

    This pressure bought with it a tidal wave of legal and physical barriers, with delivery technology seemingly reaching its boundary, that is, without asking drivers to break speed laws and abandon sleep altogether!

    However, without missing a beat, the logistics and solutions tech just keeps on coming! And with innovations showing no sign of letting up, here are just a few exciting logistics trends to watch for this year!

    Chatbots and collaborative robots

    Nowadays, as soon as you open a website on your browser, you’re greeted by a friendly Chatbot. This simple AI has changed the face of customer service – affording instant assistance, questions answered in a flash and always in a friendly manner. Simultaneously, collaborative robots, AKA cobots, are being utilised more and more, to improve storage, picking and packing. These devices may have been around for a while, but recently they’ve enjoyed a few good tweaks and enhancements, taking them to the next level of intelligence, efficiency, accuracy and tech-cool!

    Elastic logistics

    This relates to the capacity to widen and withdraw shipping capabilities as the market demand fluctuates. For this to work properly, real-time data and powerful shipping management APIs are crucial. This may seem like a tall order, and that many workers must be operating on zero contract hours, and warehouses must be appearing and disappearing like magic; however, with more companies employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their supply chain, they can rewrite the operations handbook, and present an ever superior and effective customer experience.

    Customer-facing tracking API’s

    In 2020, you can order an item in the morning, and receive it that same day. Gone are the times of anxiously awaiting a parcel, wondering if it’ll come at all, or if you’ll miss it while you’re on the loo, or questioning if the postie might have pinched it – now you can track your item every step of the way.

    Alleviating any previous worries, shipping API affords its audience a transparent view of the shipping process – warts and all.

    The intention is to make the customer feel safe by telling them precisely where it is at all times. Customers can watch the journey unfold in real-time, revelling in the anticipation and following the exact moment their item is packaged, labelled and loaded onto a truck for delivery. Nail-biting stuff.

    In summary

    The dazzling future of logistics looks to be centred around sustainable solutions, and increasing supply chain clarity and agility. With giants like Amazon setting the bar Everest high, the industry will continue to evolve, innovate and as always, emerge with evermore increased efficiency.

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