4 ways to correctly pack a pallet

  • Packing your freight correctly onto a pallet will not only make your goods easier to store palletand distribute, but it will also better safeguard them from damage.

    When choosing a pallet, we recommend using a high quality wooden 1200mm x 1000mm pallet with a full perimeter base, as opposed to a polystyrene and chipboard pallets as these less sturdy pallets are more susceptible to damage whilst traveling through the supply chain. Using a higher quality pallet will ensure your freight will arrive on time and without damage.

    Here are 4 ways to ensure you correctly pack your pallets:

    1. Stack your pallet in columns

    Stacking your goods in columns will ensure they stay sturdy as they move through the supply chain. It is important that you check that your goods are not overhanging the edge of the pallet when you place them on. This is because freight that overhangs the pallet is harder to wrap, more susceptible to damage and can be difficult to store.

    • Ensure your pallet is level

    Ensuring that your pallet is level will ensure it travels through the system smoothly and minimises the risk of extra charges. This can be done by using excess cardboard to square ridges and gaps in your freight.

    • Label your freight

    Using a barcode system makes your freight easily identifiable and trackable, and will help ensure your goods arrive on time. Place this on the side of the freight so it can easily be scanned.

    • Shrink wrap your freight

    It is crucial that your freight is correctly shrink wrapped. This is to prevent it from sliding around during transit and to keep it safe during storage. Tie the shrink wrap off at the bottom of the block, pull tightly and wrap around all 4 corners at least 3 times so that your freight is secured from the bottom of the pallet to the top. Though, it is important to ensure that the label is still visible through the shrink wrap.

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