5 tips for running an efficient warehousing operation

  • Masters 03-09-14-8330Running an efficient warehousing operation is crucial to an effective supply chain. The ability to safely store more, and to locate and move freight quicker, can contribute to the growth of your business. Here are 5 tips for running an efficient warehouse:

    1. Maximise storage space

    Instead of expanding your warehouse outwards, use a narrow aisle layout and taller storage units to maximise the space you have available in your warehouse. A space-effective layout will increase your storage capacity, whilst eliminating expansion costs.

    1. Operate strategic inventory control

    Ensure those goods that are regularly dispatched from the warehouse are stored in easy to access areas e.g. near the loading bay. This means it can get loaded onto trucks quicker, saving you time and allowing you to focus on storing and loading other cargo. You may also consider placing items together in the warehouse that are often dispatched at the same time. This will concentrate your work into one area, reducing the time spent picking items from different areas of the warehouse. Ensure that you have a FIFO system in place too, so the waste of perishable goods is minimalised.

    1. Use a WMS

    Using a warehouse management system allows you to track and retrieve any item of freight in your warehouse in an instant. This can greatly reduce the time required to search for goods when they need to be dispatched. At Masters, we use the Stirling warehouse management system to monitor the freight in our warehouse, as the system allows our customers to locate and view their stock levels too, so they never lose track of how much they have stored in our warehouse.

    1. Incentivise your staff

    Sometimes, the secret to running an efficient warehousing operation is by having a fully motivated workforce. At Masters, not only do we only hire the best people, but we reward them with bonuses based on the company performance. When they look after the business, the business looks after them.

    1. Consider using a 3PL

    Working with a logistics expert will not only improve the efficiency of your warehousing operation, but it will improve your customer service quality and save you time and money too. Using a 3PL ensures that your capital isn’t tied up in facilities and systems, but does guarantee the safe storage of your freight.

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