The key questions to ask when choosing a 3PL

  • It is a well-known fact that using a 3PL comes with multiple benefits. Companies that use 3PLs save around 11% in logistics costs and 6% in inventory costs, as well as saving countless amounts in overheads, so it makes business and practical sense to outsource your logistics to a team of experts.


    Once you have made the decision that using a 3PL is the right decision for your business, you will notice that there are several 3PLs to choose from, with each one telling you that they are the right 3PL to fulfil your requirements.

    It is important to bear in mind that all 3PLs are different, and one may be able to better support your business than the others.

    Here are the key things to consider when deciding which 3PL is right for you:

    Are they well equipped?

    It is important to consider the assets that the 3PL has. How spacious is their warehouse and is it well organised? Do they operate a warehouse management system for easy stock tracking? How expansive and modern is their fleet? 3PLs with spacious, well organised and technology-optimised warehouses with modern, clean fleets are stand out candidates.

    What are their values?

    What a 3PL values gives a good indication to the type of service you will receive. A logistics provider that values the price they charge, over the quality of service they provide, leaves you more open to risks later down the line that a lack of focus on quality causes. 3PLs that believe in going the extra mile, and in being reliable and friendly, are ones to watch.

    How are their staff?

    The way that a 3PL treats its staff is a relatively accurate representation of how they treat their customers. Go around the warehouse and talk to the workers you see. Are they happy? Research suggests that happy staff are 12% more productive, so look for those smiles.

    Where are they based?

    When choosing a logistics provider by location, it is important to consider your own requirements. Do you need good links to ports and motorways? Do you need access to major cities? Think about what you need, and consider options that fit that criteria.

    Are they flexible?

    If you needed a large order picking and distributing at short notice, would they be able to fulfil it? If you enjoyed rapid growth, does the 3PL have the facilities to support your growth. Choosing a 3PL that gives you room to grow is key.

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