4 tips to help you prepare your supply chain

  • 4 tips to help you prepare your supply chain

    To ensure that your supply chain is not interrupted, it is always best to prepare for the challenges of winter disruption. Strong winds, rain and cold weather causing icy roads are a few factors that can hinder your supply chain.

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    Thankfully the weather conditions in the UK during the winter months are not as extreme as some other countries, however encounters with horrible weather can happen, putting strains on vital logistics.

    Here are four helpful tips to make sure you and your fleet are prepared:

    1. Monitor weather reports

    Take into consideration locations where bad weather may occur and cause your fleet some problems. Prepare yourself for a change of shipment route if needed. While not always accurate, by monitoring weather reports, you can plan your route factoring in any weather problems.  This ensures you can plan for a successful delivery.

    1. Time management

    Preparation is key when transporting goods during the winter, and you need to ensure that all possible solutions are explored. This means you can complete the shipment in the safest and most efficient time. With more customers wanting next day deliveries, especially around Black Friday and Christmas, there is pressure to rush deliveries to ensure you don’t disappoint your customers. That is why it is important to give your drivers extra time during the winter months to minimise the risk of accidents, whilst keeping your customers happy. 

    1. Create a back-up plan

    Half a million vehicles are predicted to break down in the winter months; therefore it is important to make sure that maintenance is carried out more frequently during this period, and you have a back-up plan in place. Just in case there is a problem with any of your vehicles.

    1. Communication

    When there are bad weather conditions, communication is so key. Not only do you need to keep your employees in the loop, you also need to keep your customers informed of any issues. By communicating effectively with your customers, it allows them to prepare for the delay, and they will acknowledge and appreciate being in the know.

    It is important that your business has a clear strategy of what to do in the event of bad winter weather. Factoring these tips into your supply chain will make the winter months slightly easier and keep customers satisfied.

    Masters Logistical are fully prepared for the struggles of the winter period.

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