5 tips for choosing a third party logistics provider

  • Choosing a third party logistics carrier is an important decision, not only because you want a cost-effective and reliable solution to your logistics needs, but because building valuable business relationships is good for your company.third party logistics

    So, when looking for a quality 3PL provider, what is it that you should look for? We’ve put together some of our top tips to help you on this mission:

    1. Quality

    Too often in logistics, the focus is on price and not on quality. You’ve got to consider the extra value you’re getting from a bigger investment. Is the cheaper provider as reliable? As friendly? Don’t think ‘value for money’, think ‘cost-effective’.

    2. Customer Service

    Customer service is in higher demand than ever before. With the rise of social media platforms and online testimonials, it’s easy to find what other people are saying about companies of interest. Reading reviews will show you how previous customers have been treated and this reading makes for very useful research.

    3. Technology

    To stay competitive within the modern environment of logistics, companies must have up to date IT equipment and systems. Do they have a customer portal in place? Do they have the latest fleet tracking technology to give you peace of mind? Feel free to ask providers what systems and processes they have in place.

    4. Convenience

    Convenience is a fantastic reason to use a 3PL provider. Are they where you need them to be, location wise? Have they got the necessary vehicles for the demands of the job? Do they have effective warehousing space for your needs? Are they modern and efficient warehouses? Being ‘right for you’ should form a huge part of this business deal.

    5. Reliabilitys-0877

    This is one that we at Masters deem most important. Is your 3PL provider reliable? Will they let you down? Is getting the job done hugely important to their company? A reliable company is a trustworthy company that values a mutually beneficial working relationship. Your provider should want to understand your challenges and care about your reputation, not just their own. Ask them about their success rate.

    We hope that we have helped to highlight some of the key areas of working with logistics companies. If you have any questions about our particular logistics services then please get in touch with our UK & European Logistics team – 01353 648222.

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