The Importance of Two-Way Communication

  • The Importance of Two-Way Communication

    The Importance of Two-Way Communication

    Communication is considered one of the most crucial aspects of any business. A company that engages with its workforce is more competitive, profitable, and attractive to future employees.

    In successful communication, information flows in two ways: information from sender to receiver and response from receiver to sender. This is the complete communication process.

    In the workplace

    For businesses to achieve their goals and tackle problems efficiently, they must utilise two-way communication. Below we highlight reasons for the importance of this:

    • Encouraging suggestions from employees

    For management to improve the business’s plans and policies, they should encourage opinions and suggestions from the workforce. This encouragement is possible when there is a two-way communication channel.

    • Increasing job satisfaction

    Creating two-way communication will enable the workforce to feel that they can express their feelings, complaints, attitudes, interests, and opinions to management. This will then help management take the necessary steps for the well-being of their employees, and having a process in place will boost the employee’s interest and morale at work.

    • The trust between management and employees

    Improving the trust between the two will help build internal brand loyalty and offer opportunities for continued growth.  Happy employees make the best customer service advocates.

    • Efficient when problem-solving

    Two-way communication is required to solve problems better. It helps everyone understand the business better, and it ensures that everyone engages with the latest business updates, goals, and progress.

    Effective communication seems simple, but it does take effort. Management should routinely talk to the employees about their goals (personal and professional); this will create accountability for both. Creating an open environment will lead to greater job satisfaction, reduced stress, loyalty, and mutual respect throughout the business.

    Your customers

    Two-way communication is essential when it comes to an understanding of what your customers really want. Having those direct conversations with customers is the best way for you and your business to give or receive insightful and meaningful answers.

    Here are a few benefits as to why you should have a two-way conversation with your customers and why, as a customer, it is important to explain everything clearly to your suppliers:

    When a customer engages with your business for the first time, they are likely to be looking for a specific solution. By understanding your customers’ needs, you can make suggestions for the best way forward for them.  You can explain how you can help them to achieve the outcome they desire. Communicating with potential customers and listening to their needs will prevent them from looking elsewhere for the answer.

    • Identify the customers’ expectations

    The first initial conversation with the customer will include what they expect from you and the business. You will be able to identify the concerns that they may have whilst interacting with your business or purchasing a service/product you offer. This will also help you both to see if you and the customer are compatible in doing business with each other, preventing any expectations that you might not be able to meet.

    • Word of mouth promotions

    When a business talks directly to their customers, they are most likely able to gauge their customers’ needs better. Not only does this enable you to serve the customers better and tailor the products/services to suit them, but it will lead to you gaining a lot more referrals.

    • Loyal customer relationships

    Like how you treat your employees, allowing them to share their views and opinions and make them feel heard will increase your customer loyalty. By having a two-way conversation, you will learn how your customers think and what their needs are. And with this knowledge, you will be able to solve their problems a lot more easily.

    Having two-way communication with your customers will co-create better experiences that will leave them more likely to buy from you and refer business to you.

    Do you have systems in place in your business to make this two-way information sharing not only easy but also regularly expected?

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