190 years of experience in the logistics industry

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    Masters currently employs 30 people and in total it has over 190 years of experience in the logistics industry. We are a professional team of logistics experts and innovative problem solvers who go the extra mile for each one of our customers. We are very proud that our staff love working for Masters, it allows us to provide a better service to our customers and produces a great work ethic in our environment.

    Here’s why Masters are proud to have a workforce with so many years of experience:

    • Our staff work for a great employer

    We know the crucial essence of a business is its people, therefore we take care of our workforce as much as we do our customers. Within any industry, having good staff retention is always going to support the positive culture of a business. Masters has grown as a business through employing fantastic people, and with the support and guidance that we provide, they have remained loyal and enjoyed many beneficial years working for us.

    • We value our employees’ skills and provide development

    With many years of experience, comes many years of training. Our staff deliver great communication and problem solving skills, allowing Masters to provide a high quality customer experience. If a logistics problem occurs, our team will solve it quickly and effectively, so your bottom line is never jeopardised. It’s all about communication and efficiency, something that we are very proud to say our staff embody through many years of development.

    • We foster a great working relationship with our customers

    The high level of staff retention we enjoy at Masters has allowed our members of staff to create a great working rapport with our customers. Masters is a friendly employer and this is reflected by our friendly staff. After all, happy staff equal happy customers. Our customers need a workforce they can trust to be efficient in each segment of their supply chain. Masters delivers consistent results by supporting our team to provide the best possible care and service to our customers.

    Here is a quote from our Operations Director, Mark Stoodley, expressing his opinion on what it is like to work for Masters Logistical…

    “I have been working for Masters for nearly 15 years, and throughout those years I have been continually supported whilst developing my skills and fostering a great work ethic to help the growth of Masters Logistical. Masters always puts their people first, as it’s them that uphold the Masters high-quality status and provide a great service for our customers.”

    If you have any questions about Masters or our team, or if you would like more information about how we help businesses with their warehousing and distribution requirements, please get in touch by calling 01353 648222.

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