Logistics… It’s not just for Christmas.

  • Logistics… It’s not just for Christmas.

    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year….” In the logistics industry, from Autumn to the end of December, Christmas is the most critical time of the year. This is because many customers are now choosing to shop right from their sofas instead of the hustle and bustle you get in the high street.

    Throughout this blog, we will look at the latest retail trends, how logistics can support them and how businesses can prepare for the busiest time of the year.

    Festive eCommerce is on the rise

    Since the lockdown, online shopping has never been so popular; the consumers that weren’t previously using online shopping have now been converted – for good! It’s estimated that 86.7% of UK shoppers buy their goods online.

    It is also predicted that by the end of the year, eCommerce sales are expected to reach a total of £5.42 trillion, and between November to the end of 2022, there will be a 2.5% growth in sales.

    Christmas shopping begins earlier 

    Each year, the shops are filled with Christmas gifts, wrapping paper, and Christmas food earlier than the year before. So, it’s not surprising that many consumers have already started Christmas shopping before Halloween. It is estimated that 25% of consumers began Christmas shopping in August/September.

    Logistics at Christmas 

    Thankfully, the logistics industry plays a huge role in Christmas. From delivering the food, you need for Christmas Day to warehousing and moving the presents you have ordered for all your family members. The logistics industry must be prepared months in advance for the busiest time of the year. Very much like Santa and his elves!

    As early as September, festive preparations are already in full swing for 3PL providers. Before Christmas is Black Friday – one of the year’s highest retail sales days, businesses must ensure they are prepared for Black Friday and the festive season to optimise their sales. Supply chain planning for peak seasons can require months of preparation.

    Not only does logistics focus on the movement of goods, but it extends much further. For a business to use a 3PL, success in logistics means increased efficiency, lower cost, higher production rates, better inventory control, more innovative use of warehouse space, increased customer and supplier satisfaction, and an improved customer experience.

    How do Masters maintain supply chain efficiency?

    The rapid increase in orders in the run-up to Christmas will most definitely boost turnover and profits; it can put retailers under much strain. Shops become crowded, and stock replenishment can prove challenging. Not to mention the added pressure of increased shipping times and delivery backlogs.
    Here at Masters, we understand that communication is key. We will liaise with our customers throughout this busy time to discuss their stock levels and to ensure we have sufficient packaging and space to handle the extra orders. We understand that during this busy time of the year, you need your 3PL to be professional and reliable, and having an excellent relationship with your supplier is critical.

    Using Masters in the lead-up to Christmas has numerous benefits for your business.
    The most important one is cost savings.

    By having Masters as your dedicated 3PL provider, you can enjoy the festive season without worrying or stressing about your goods not being delivered on time.

    The importance of Masters during Christmas is that you can be well assured that your goods are in the right hands, and you can relax, knowing Masters are the experts in 3PL warehousing & distribution.

    Are you already thinking about next year?

    Discuss your logistical requirements with one of our experts; you can either call us on 01353 648222 or email [email protected].

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