5 tips to keep your drivers healthy on the road

  • How healthy are your drivers? According to the HSE, 30% of workers in the transport and storage industry suffer stress, depression or anxiety due to work, and around 40% of tiredness-related crashes involve someone driving a commercial vehicle. Are you valuing your staff by providing them with the information they need to stay safe when on the road?


    At Masters, we believe it is the staff, as well as the service, that makes a successful company. That’s why we do all we can to ensure that our drivers look after themselves, so that they look after our customers.

    Here are our 5 top tips to ensure that your drivers stay healthy on the road:

    1. Meal preparation

    Preparing a meal or snacks to take with them will result in better, healthier food choices. Snacks and convenience food dominate the UK’s fuel stops, making it all too easy to eat fast food meals. Encourage your drivers to take the time before they set off to prepare their meals, having healthier alternatives will help them to make better food choices and consequently allow them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    1. Stretch those legs and get some fresh air

    Driver fatigue is a serious problem resulting in many thousands of road accidents each year, one great way to battle fatigue and revitalise your drivers’ minds is to encourage them to get out of their vehicle and stretch their legs when on their break. Walking and fresh air are always a winning combination for long term health benefits. However, remind them only to do this in a safe place and not at the side of the motorway as that may outweigh the health benefits.

    1. You are what you drink

    Caffeine drinks are great for a quick pick me up, but driving requires long term concentration. Encourage drivers to reach for water whenever they can. This makes perfect sense when you consider that up to 60% of the human adult body is water. Water will reenergise your drivers and prevent reoccurring fatigue throughout their journey.

    1. Taking a hobby with you

    If your drivers are on an overnight trip, taking something to help them to go off to sleep and relax before bedtime is a winning idea. Winding down before sleep promotes a deeper sleep and will help them to feel refreshed for the next leg of their trip.

    1. Stand (well sit) tall

    Remind your drivers to watch how they are sitting in their vehicle, keeping a correct posture could save them from all sorts of problems in the future.  Research has shown that slumping and slouching may influence a person’s thoughts and feelings, and that improving posture could help to boost mood and energy levels. Therefore, when they reach your customers they will provide excellent customer service which matches the quality of your business.

    If you would like to find out more about how we keep our drivers safe while on the road, contact us today on 01353 648222 or email [email protected].

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