What is Masters Logistical USP…

  • ‘What is your USP?’, ‘What is special about Masters?’, these are questions I am often asked as the Commercial and Business Development Manager.

    USPWarehousing and logistics is an industry which is considered by some as very generic.  I can understand why people would think that . . however Masters is very different.

    It is quite hard to put my finger on exactly what makes us special because there are so many things that we’re proud of and that we believe make us stand out from the crowd.  Whilst we have quality warehouses, systems, and a modern fleet these are just inanimate objects, they do not complete the tasks or deliver the high levels of service.

    I believe the biggest differentiator and our USP is that, ultimately our people and their commitment and attitude to a culture that we embrace as it develops and evolves as the business continues to grow.

    Every company’s culture is unique. Here at Masters we are very proud of ours.

    Although it is not a family business, Masters operates with a real family ethos.  The team have been together for many years and they have built a strong bond and the team all pull in the same direction.

    There is academic evidence to suggest that companies with strong cultures perform the most effectively.  I wholeheartedly agree with this.

    So, what are the benefits of a positive, family-style culture?

    I believe these are some of the benefits that our team and our customers enjoy:

    • Open and honest communication from the top down
    • Respect for one another
    • Listen and be heard
    • Lack of internal politics, because everyone is on the same page
    • Shared vision of the future
    • Desire to help each other and our customers
    • No blame culture
    • Pride.
    • Happy to be at work (excellent staff retention rate).
    • Personality – you are allowed to be yourself – that is what makes us, us!

    I have often said that what makes Masters special is our people and their commitment, but as you can see it’s quite hard to be really specific about what I mean by that.

    So, I do think it is a combination of the style of leadership from Paul and Deanna along with the rest of the senior team. The open supportive culture empowers people to make decisions, knowing they are fully supported to do so.

    What this means is the kind of customers we work with share similar values.

    They don’t want to do business with a company where everything is forsaken in order to get a rock bottom price. They would rather work with a company who are a pleasure to deal with, who care. A company who will deliver with a smile on their face.

    At Masters we have won numerous awards through our partnership with the Palletline network; we have received 100% customer recommendations in an independent customer survey and we have loyal and long standing customer relationships. I believe this is down to the culture of our business and ultimately the people within it.  They are the driving force behind our success and what makes Masters special. Our people is our USP.

    If you’d like to find out more, please contact me, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

    Please call Mervyn Jeffery today on 01353 648222.


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