Masters are proud to be partnered with Palletline

  • The ‘pioneers of palletised distribution’ Palletline is the UK’s leading freight distribution company and the preferred carrier of the mighty Amazon. Palletline works as a hub and spoke distribution system connecting all major cities in the UK. Only the best warehousing and distribution companies are asked to join Palletline’s network.  Masters are proud to be associated with such a highly acclaimed distributor.

    Masters – working in conjunction with Palletline and Amazon

    Palletline’s status as an Amazon preferred carrier enables a smooth and efficient delivery service to sixteen Amazon sites, which will be increasing to twenty-two by the end of 2017. This means that there is less administration for the Amazon vendors to deal with, because Masters, as their local Palletline member, will do much of this for you.


    Being part of the Palletline network allows Masters to go above and beyond for our customers. We reach expectations, deliver a friendly service, and provide a high standard of customer satisfaction, and with Palletline, Masters are able to take their customer’s pallets even further.

    Palletline represents an impressive national body in the logistics industry, all members work as a partnership to provide the best service to their customers. It is owned by its members so everyone involved is fully committed to its success.

    Masters and all other Palletline members have something in common – we want to improve your bottom line by providing you with an exceptional service that delivers on time and in full.

    Masters share the same values as Palletline, and as a shareholder our intelligent system allows us to deliver exceptional quality throughout the UK. From London to Edinburgh, we can ensure your pallets are delivered with the highest efficiency.

    How does Masters‘ partnership with Palletline and Amazon benefit our customers?

    It’s an accolade to be a preferred carrier of such an acclaimed company; however, as the customer, how does this benefit you? The main advantage of this is that it reduces the administration for you, the vendor and avoids delays in booking slots for delivery. Saving you time and avoiding disappointment.

    The benefits at a glance, according to Amazon themselves:

    Reliable and fast transit time thanks to daily fixed slots at all of our fulfilment centres.

    Reduced administrative tasks as Palletline takes care of the booking process:  You hand over  all  pallets  to  Palletline  they take care of the rest.

    Improved delivery compliance leading to reduced rejections and less no-shows as Palletline routinely delivers in full compliance with Amazon’s inbound delivery requirements. In addition, Palletline helps to advise on likely delivery issues, which ultimately leads to faster, more efficient and compliant delivery.

    Optimized transportation flow thanks to consolidation: At Palletline’s cross-dock hubs, your pallets will be consolidated with goods of other Amazon suppliers to optimise truck fill levels.

    “Here at Palletline we are delighted to be part of Amazon’s preferred carrier programme. Palletline is built upon dedication and innovation and we take pride in supporting our members so they can provide a high level of customer service for each and every one of their customers…we are delighted that Masters Logistical are partnered with us, we recognise their exceptional service and credit them for going the extra mile for their customers.”

    Are you looking to improve your logistics operations with a company who are a preferred carrier for Amazon? Contact Masters today on 01353 648222 or email [email protected]

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