Why do leading suppliers use 3PLs?

  • Masters 03-09-14-8330We are seeing great growth in a number of product-based companies at the moment, and those companies are using 3PLs because they help them save time, money and increase quality.

    Rapid growth can mean business expansion very quickly, and companies that are used to managing a smaller logistics operation are forced to adapt very quickly. This can cause problems for those businesses. Would you be able to quickly and efficiently hire the labour needed to meet the storage and distribution demands? How quickly could you train them on the correct conduct and processes? Have you got the space and the fleet to manage the new levels of stock?

    These are very real problems that businesses face and if handled incorrectly, these problems can damage the growth of the business.

    This is why business owners and operations managers turn to third party logistics (3PL) providers. 3PLs not only have the expertise and experience of running efficient logistics operations, but they also have the facilities to do so, with warehousing space for your stock and a dedicated fleet for your distribution needs. Better still, a 2016 report showed that 93% of 3PL users thought their partnership with a 3PL provider was yielding positive results.

    Companies that use 3PLs:

    • Save time

    By outsourcing the complex task of designing and managing a logistics process, your team will have more time to focus on business development, product development and marketing.

    • Save money

    The cost of buying additional warehousing facilities and additional trucks for your fleet is a huge investment and a big risk for growing companies. Suppose the demand for your product slows down – how would you fund the investment into new warehousing and trucks? Businesses that use 3PLs not only save money, they avoid risk too. 85% of 3PL users said that using a 3PL provider saved them money.

    • Increase quality

    3PLs are experts in running logistics operations efficiently. We ensure your goods will arrive on time, in pristine condition, accompanied by a friendly, uniformed member of staff.

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