How to ensure peak performance over Christmas

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    As more and more stores make the change to e-commerce, the logistics business is under more strain than ever this Christmas. Also, with online giants like Amazon promising deliveries, sometimes a few hours after purchase – customer expectation has never been higher. As we near a new decade the industry faces some of its biggest challenges yet.

    Care for your drivers

    This point should be your number one priority – these vital members of your team are the real driving force of your operation. Take care of them. Make it worth their while to slog it out for you during the most hectic time of the year.

    Many transport companies will offer bonus payments. However, it’s not always about the money. Drivers have families wishing they were at home, rather than driving into the cold nights. There are many additional benefits to keep your drivers happy and motivated. A feeling of being appreciated as part of a team, rather than seen as a faceless agency driver, works wonders for morale. Family-friendly shifts and comfortable, well-maintained vehicles are also a great incentive.

    And make sure you pay your drivers on time! In the thick of the seasonal chaos, these details can get lost. Work with your agency to guarantee the prompt payment of salaries. Unhappy drivers will quickly move on to another company.

    Are you ready?

    Extra staff will be needed to combat the increased demands. You should ask yourself the following questions ahead of time, in preparation;

    1. What is your plan for peak holiday logistics season?
    2. How many shifts will you run?
    3. How many agency workers do you need to hire, and what tasks will you permit them to handle?

    Work with your agency

    Your recruitment agencies will be feeling the strain too, during the Christmas season. Take this into account and be militant in your organisation. You’ll need to work together and share your recruitment plan as early as possible so they can efficiently recruit for peak demand.

    Plan for vehicle usage

    Look through your festive holiday requests, and also take into account possible sickness during the colder months. If in doubt, book in other bodies – it’s better to be overstaffed than under-staffed, running the risk of failing to deliver.

    Raise your game

    With the rise of e-commerce, delivery standards have taken on a life of their own. With this movement has come a shift in customer expectations. As people become more aware of convenient and efficient delivery methods, they now expect to receive their orders quicker than the speed of light.

    For this end, logistics providers must meet delivery expectations set by both retailer and customer without fail. The pressure to succeed with style is ON.

    At Masters Logistical, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and being able to deliver a premium, quality service every day.

    To discuss your logistical requirements, please call Mervyn Jeffery today on 01353 648222.

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