Trends in Logistics for 2019

  • Trends in Logistics for 2019

    The logistics sector remains a huge part of the UK economy. Figures from this year alone show that it contributes over £124bn and employs 2.54m people, making up around 8% of the nation’s work force.

    With the end of 2018 fast approaching, we thought we’d take a look at the upcoming trends in logistics for the next twelve months and beyond.

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    Fully electric and hybrid vehicles are entering the mainstream

    Semi-electric and hybrid vehicles are still championed as inner-city saviours of air quality, but fully electric vehicles are now starting to enter the mainstream. Technologies such as regenerative braking, which turns kinetic energy into recharging power, are contributing to vehicle performance. We can expect to see many more of these vehicles being introduced in 2019.

    Downsizing conventional diesel engines

    Until hydrogen-powered vehicles become introduced in the UK (they are just starting to emerge in the US), downsizing conventional diesel engines is the way forward in reducing CO2 emissions, NOx and particulates. Smaller-capacity six-cylinder models are now the favoured engine in the UK, which are often turbocharged.

    Platooning to improve group travel and communication

    Platooning is an emerging technology which enables trucks to travel in groups more efficiently, keeping them in line and the communication stronger between them. They have safety features such as co-operative adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning and lane-keep assist systems, as well as cameras fitted to each vehicle.

    Self-driving is on the verge of becoming a reality

    Autonomous driving truly is the focus of all vehicle manufacturers at the moment. So much so, that self-driving vehicles are on the verge of reality. A combination of GPS and terrain mapping allows vehicles to choose engine speeds, gear changes and fuel-saving processes. Volvo is developing self-steering technology for trucks at this very second!

    Lower cabs for cyclist safety

    New trucks are being developed with lower cabs and all-glass kerbside doors which better position the driver at cyclist/pedestrian level. There is currently a Safer Lorry Scheme in London ensuring that safety equipment is continuously improved to protect cyclists during collisions.

    Customer buying-trends mean stock is closer to market

    Statistics show that customers are shopping more locally and more frequently which means that logistics companies are holding stock close to market and sending bigger trucks into congested town centres. This trend could see a rise in drones, smaller vehicles and rises in city-service vehicles too.

    Technology is making a huge impact on the way logistics performs throughout the UK, we are definitely excited to see what 2019 brings.

    Speak to a member of our team for information on how Masters Logistical can help prepare you with your logistics in the new year – 01353 648 222.

    Mervyn Jeffery
    Business & Commercial Development Manager

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