The Met Office and businesses unite in defying the UK’s wild weather conditions

  • The Met Office and businesses unite in defying the UK’s wild weather conditions

    We are currently living through the most dramatic weather conditions of our time. The impacts felt by homeowners and businesses alike, can be enormous. And the logistics business is particularly vulnerable to this unfavourable weather.

    Not only can adverse weather have a notable bearing on buyer behaviour and supplier performance; It can also impact on footfall, product availability, sales – thus affecting the entire supply chain.

    Be prepared
    If caught out by these changes, retailers stand to lose millions through depleted stock levels and disappointed customers. However, the Met Office can help.

    Offering a range of solutions from weather analytics, to highly granular historical and forecast weather data for determining a prosperous and flood-proof location, they’re more than just your average weather providers.

    Knowledge is power
    Amalgamating their deep understanding and experience of weather and climate impact, with your business niche know-how, they can develop industry-specific solutions to guide you through, and protect you, during adverse weather.

    They can also use critical comparisons of the last week’s or last year’s weather, and utilise the data to predict short-term sales forecasts, anticipate store footfall and therefore plan suitable product quantities.

    Moreover, their 14 day localised weather forecasts are made by taking observations from MULTIPLE locations across the region for an amazingly accurate calculation.

    This razor-sharp accuracy means they can produce highly granular forecasts for particular depots, stores, or leading suppliers, on an hourly basis.

    The weather analytics and range of other services the Met Office provides enables businesses to analyse if, how and when the weather influences consumer habits and product/service demand.

    Never before have we seen such changeable weather conditions, and never before have weather forecasters and businesses joined forces in this way.

    With such weather-predicting powers and data collections – rain, hail, sleet, snow, tsunamis, floods or shine – with the aid of the Met Office, your business can plough on regardless.

    Masters Logistical are in no way associated with the Met Office – we just thought our customers may find this information useful.

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