Logistics and the Coronavirus

  • Logistics and the Coronavirus

    Now in week 7 of ‘lock-down’ due to Covid-19 and with the Prime Minister announcing just a very slight easing last weekend, it seemed an opportune time to interview the directors regarding how the team at Masters Logistical are getting on . . .


    Logistics has formally been classed as having an essential role.  How are you coping?

     To be honest we are coping exceptionally well, our office team have been divided in to two shift patterns to ensure we can meet the 2 metre distancing guidelines. This also ensures that if one of the team shows any symptoms, then we would still have one team that could cover the office needs 5 days a week.

    Workload has remained fairly consistent and our warehouse and distribution teams have kept up with demand.


    How are the team?  Have you had anyone go above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of the company or the community?

     The whole team are well, we have had a couple of staff members go into isolation but no one has actually been confirmed as having the virus.  I would suggest the whole team have gone above and beyond the call of duty, they have accepted the situation and not made any complaints. Everyone is just happy to keep the business running as normally as is possible.


    Have you seen demand for your warehouse capacity fall or rise since the emergence of Covid-19?

    The demand has been fairly consistent, some of our smaller customers have stopped trading but we have seen some of our larger customers’ products being in greater demand.


    What about the delivery arm of your business?  

    Again pretty consistent with this time last year.


    What does the future hold for Masters Logistical?

    Our plans for the future have not changed, we are very keen to start the building of a new warehouse and parking area for the site and continue with the vision we set out in 2015.


    How has your industry been affected by Covid-19?

    The effect has varied, it is very much based on the sector you service. Some of our industry colleagues have seen volumes drop significantly with the need to furlough staff. Others have been stretched with higher demand from the food and packaging sector, combined with staff becoming infected or going into isolation. The testing programme we are now seeing is improving the situation daily.


    What role do you think your industry will have to play in the recovery of the economy as a whole?

    Again I believe the industry will play a vital role in getting the UK back normal (Whatever that looks like)  When the importers get back to full strength and we all leave our homes, I am sure the demand for the aforementioned products will require the men and women of this amazing industry to be on hand to make this happen; and I know they will step up to the mark.

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